The Lunar Cycle and Creative Energy

Even if you're skeptical of the moon's impact on our shifting energy levels, we can all benefit from using the moon as a cue to plan our creative cycles.  In our current climate of "busier is better", we don't make room for resting, for planning, and for simply being.  Following the moon phases to map out our calendar allows us to respect times of lower energy as well as higher energy, and helps create a more balanced month.  (More Below)

I have heard several people lately say that they had a crazy day at work or that their kids were acting wild, only to later check the moon phase and find it in a Full phase.  Lately, I have been feeling the stress of shifting energy, not really knowing where to place my increasing or decreasing creative energy levels.  Was there something wrong with me, I wondered?  Why the sudden shift?  When I would check the moon phase, I would be surprised to find it in either First Quarter or Third Quarter. 

Now, wouldn't it be great if we were not just checking the phases after the fact?  What if we pencilled in the phases of the moon as if they were important events?  What if we allowed these phases to outline each month, with respect to each "season" that comes and goes?  

With Make Room, I have been outlining events, creative projects, and personal work alongside the phases of the moon.  Here's how:

🌑 The New Moon

Rest, Reflect, Respond, and Ponder.  This is a great time to look back on the previous month, making sure you wrap up any loose ends remaining from any projects.  The New Moon is the phase that coincides with initiations and new beginnings.  Rest and inward focus comes naturally during this low-energy time, so give yourself a day to make room for this.  Write it into your planner and protect this day as a low energy day.  It's like a little personal holiday every month!

🌓 First Quarter Moon

Energy builds during this phase, which comes 7 days after a New Moon.  This is a natural time to create plans and prepare for upcoming events or projects.  Create ideas that move your New Moon beginnings forward.  This is prime time for sketching, list-making, brainstorming and breakthroughs.  Use this higher-energy time to read, learn, and relish in the creative process.  Prepare yourself for the upcoming Full Moon, planning ahead so that you can fully be present while your energy is at its highest.  Outline your upcoming week in your planner, preparing for a major upswing in creative energy.

🌕 Full Moon

You've dreamed, you've schemed, now its time to let your creative projects come to life.  Assertiveness and self-expression at naturally at their highest during this time of high energy.  At Make Room, we plan parties or sales on the Full Moon.  Treat yourself kindly and don't resist the natural energy that may come your way.  Some creatives find it hard to sleep on these bright moonlit nights.  In your planner, make room for a day of letting yourself focus on executing creative projects, fulfilling social desires, and letting your creativity radiate.

🌗 Third Quarter Moon

Now that the big burst of energy from the Full Moon is passing, you may have more mental clarity  to wrap up technical aspects of your major creative burst.  This "Waning Moon" phase signifies the completion of your creative project.  You should be able to look back on your process and identify what needs to be done to bring completion to your idea.  In your planner, make room for a day of bringing things to a conclusion.

Join us this Wednesday, January 18th at 6:00pm to create your own Lunar Calendar for 2017, so you'll never have to wonder what phase the moon is in.  Tickets are HERE.