Watercolor Brush Lettering: Tue Feb 13th, 6:00pm


Watercolor Brush Lettering: Tue Feb 13th, 6:00pm


Perfect timing to create some heartfelt handmade Valentines!  

Learn the 7 different brush strokes that make up the entire brush lettered alphabet during this beginner class!  Students will work with a water brush (which they get to keep!) and both solid and liquid watercolor paints to get a good feel for the materials.

Students will learn the strokes, practice their alphabets, and begin to connect letters into words.  A variety of papers, cards, tags, and more will be available to paint with beautiful words and phrases once we've learned the basics.

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About Make Room:

Make Room is a Gallery, Studio, and Store in Downtown Fargo.  You'll find on Historic South 8th Street at number 17.

*Please check your email before class.  We will send communications with any pertinent changes or information relating to the class within the 12-24 hour range.  Find our cancellation policy here .

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