Boro+Sashiko Mending: Thu Feb 1st, 6:00pm, Free Will Donation


Boro+Sashiko Mending: Thu Feb 1st, 6:00pm, Free Will Donation

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Make Room for Slow Fashion

Boro is the Japanese art of mending, “literally translated as rags or scraps of cloth, the term boro is also used to describe clothes and household items which have been patched-up and repaired many times.” -Furujistar

Sashiko is the Japanese term for "little stabs" of decorative stitches placed in areas of high wear in order to reinforce fabric.

During this Workshop, students will learn a few sashiko stitches while creating boro mends on something that needs mending or just needs a beautiful patch.  Bring a pair of jeans, a shirt, a tea towel, or anything that needs a little mending love.

This is a free will donation event taught by Chelsea Thorson.  Boro and Sashiko are skills she has acquired through hours of practice on her own clothing, and with the help of the internet.  She feels passionate about sharing these skills to whoever is interested.  

Donations will support scholarships for kids art classes.  All students must register.  Please notify Make Room at if you are unable to make it to class.

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