Creative Journaling with Artist Nichole Rae: Mondays in March, 6:00pm


Creative Journaling with Artist Nichole Rae: Mondays in March, 6:00pm

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Mondays in March, 6:00 -7:20pm at Make Room, 17 8th Street South, Fargo ND
Drop-Ins are welcome.

A Creative Journaling + Affirmation Practice with Artist Nichole Rae

Unfold into a four week journey with the Art Of Daily Practice + Artist Nichole Rae to cultivate a daily practice using creative journaling + affirmation practices.

Each Monday begin your week with a creative journaling and affirmation practice (90 min seated at a table) to bring inspiration, guidance and healing into your life. Together we will create space using our breath to connect to our present self and affirmation practices to inspire our creative spirit. Each week you will learn a new affirmation and journaling practice that you will then build on as the weeks unfold to deepen your practice. During this practice you will meet your journal in A Practice Of Affirmation and learn the Art of Daily Practice’s foundational journaling practices that you can carry with you each week to cultivate peace, clarity and direction as well as for you to tuck into your intentions, desires and vision. Nichole will provide inspiration each week about her own daily practice to inspire you. Together as a “tribe” we will “Create What You Most Need To Find” each week.

- Invitation to breathe and gentle flowing postures to create space in your body
- An affirmation journaling practice
- Learn 1-2 new journaling practices each week + build on practices from week prior
- Connect as a tribe to share + have light discussion about the practices

- Connect to your present self through a breathing practice and a gentle seated/standing flow practice (no yoga mat needed)
- Inspire your creative spirit through a collection of affirmation practices each week
- Learn the 8 foundational journaling practices of the Art of Daily Practice’s Creative Journaling Course
- Each week you will have the opportunity to deepen these practices to cultivate your own daily practice with guidance + inspiration
- Have weekly accountability + inspiration for you to build a strong foundation to continue these practices as part of your own unique daily practice
- Connect with a tribe of other creative spirits in an evening filled with creativity and inspiration .

- Please arrive 10 minutes prior to get settled in.
- Feel free to wear comfy yoga clothes, cozy socks or bring slippers as well as bring a blanket/sweater
- Bring a journal (paper journals + pens provided)
- Hot tea + chocolate + lavender essential oil provided
- Practice begins at 6:00pm

College Students: Use Coupon Code STUDENT to receive 20% off. Be prepared to show
your college ID card.

**Pre-register for ALL 4 and receive a Creative Journaling kit that includes her 50 page Creative Journaling Guide.

Artist Nichole Rae has carried her practice for over 4.5 years and has guided over 300+students through her practices. She has over 100 students globally practicing with her in her Creative Journaling Course. Nichole carries the Art Of A Daily Practice, a creative healing arts practice and is featured on the ND Today show monthly sharing her creative journaling and affirmation practices. Nichole has a background in A Course Of Miracles , Art Journaling and
mixed media book arts. Nichole has been collaborating with the Make Room for 2.5+ years.  She leads monthly workshops, 1:1 sessions and carries a collection of creative tools at
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