Private Drawing Lessons for Children


Private Drawing Lessons for Children

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Make Room for a Focused Practice!

We value the student who desires a consistent practice!  Private Drawing Lessons are tailored to the interests and ability of each student.  Together, we establish where we are, where we want to be, and how to get there through a focused curriculum and regular practice!  Students are paired with experienced drawing teachers who have instructed at a university level.  

Private Lessons are great for a student who feels that their current art curriculum is not quite "enough", for a student who would like to build a portfolio for college applications, or for a young budding artist who could really go somewhere with a bit of guidance and encouragement!

Private Lessons at Make Room are priced at the hourly rate of $50 per hour for one student, with a minimum of 1 session per month. You may enroll up to 3 art students in this lesson (see prices below).

1 STUDENT = $50

2 STUDENTS = $70

3 STUDENTS = $90


Private Lessons at alternative locations i.e. your home, are priced at the hourly rate of $70 per hour for one student. You may have up to 3 students in the lesson (see prices below).

1 STUDENT = $70

2 STUDENTS = $90

3 STUDENTS = $110

Payment for the entire month of private lessons is due at the first lesson of the month. Payment can be made online (right here! ) or via check or cash.  Because there is a waiting list for private lesson time slots, you must pay for complete month of private lessons even if you miss one.  If payment is not paid by the lesson date, a $5.00 per lesson fee will be added to the payment due. Of course we realize that things happen and you might miss once in a while.... in these situations we suggest sending a sibling or friend to use your lesson time. 

We offer lessons for children, teens, and adults.  Please contact us for more information.  Email Chelsea at

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About Make Room:

Make Room is a Gallery, Classroom, and Creative Collaborative Space at 806 1/2 Main Avenue in Downtown Fargo.  You'll find us below the antique shop just off of Historic South 8th Street.  Look for a stairwell and a yellow door!  

*Please check your email before class.  We will send communications with any pertinent changes or information relating to the class within the 12-24 hour range.  Find our cancellation policy here .

Questions?  Don't hesitate to Contact Make Room!