Unicorn Painting Party


Unicorn Painting Party


11x14” Stretched Canvas Paintings

Saturday September 8th, 1:00-3:00pm

Painting Unicorns from 1:00-2:00pm

Make Room will hand the party over to you at 2:00pm


  • Outside food and beverages are welcomed!

  • Plan on an extra activity or game to keep guests occupied in case you have extra time. Our gallery and retail space is not an ideal place for unoccupied party guests.

  • The party is responsible to damages to gallery art or retail items. (See above… )

  • Let us know if you think you will be needing an additional table for food, games, or gifts! We are happy to accommodate!

  • We are near a public restroom, and we find it is usually necessary to plan on a bathroom break after the art making portion of the party, at least for hand-washing before eating. We will leave that to you!

    A note about Adult Guests:

    Adults who are present are encouraged to participate in making their own painting, or otherwise occupy themselves. We don’t require parents to be present for the art portion of the party, so you are free to shop the mall or hang out in our store. Making art can be a vulnerable thing for people of all ages, so we appreciate parents and other adult guests to stand back and give the kids space to create freely, to make mistakes, and to shape the projects with their own creative voice. Projects are always age appropriate and do not require additional adult intervention. Though we realize intentions are pure in wanting to be involved and trying to help, we have seen how too much help can cause unneeded stress to young artists. Thank you so much for understanding!

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