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We believe that creating a trusting and calm environment can help cultivate that little inner voice within each young artist.  Studio Art for Kids aims to arm young artists with professional skills and techniques using real studio equipment and professional quality supplies and tools.  

Each studio session is intentionally designed to foster a calm and creative environment.  Young artists enjoy the ritual of tea time and small and healthy plant-based snacks, projects rich in learning opportunities, nurturing and super fun activities, and plenty of opportunities for gently guided creative expression. 

With a supportive environment and a good understanding of tools, techniques, and materials, young artists can begin to make their inner voices heard!  



Our children absolutely LOVE Studio Art for Kids. We’re already a creative family and love taking our kids to art events, but Make Room really takes things to the next level. Chelsea’s passion for art and teaching is evident in the level of work my kids bring home at the end of each month!
— Alicia

Chelsea Thorson

Studio Art for Kids is directed by Chelsea Thorson, a passionate and spirited teacher who has taught in the Art Departments at NDSU and Concordia, as well as hundreds of creative workshops for all ages throughout the community. She also enjoys working with elementary school students at the Plains Art Museum, guiding gallery experiences and studio clay projects. Raised by an art teacher, she had her own studio space at home, which set the stage for a lifetime of creating, teaching, and learning. She has experience with makers of all ages and believes in never taking a tool out of someone's hand.