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We love bringing new and interesting creative classes to our wonderful community of students!  We are currently seeking experienced, passionate, and professional instructors for a broad range of classes, workshops, retreats, and private lessons.  

Our mission is bringing intention and meaning to life through creative practices.  Through art, we discover new things about ourselves, about history, culture, and community, and about our future together on this big earth!

what should I teach?

Teachers should be excited to teach, so choose something you're already really into, or something you'd like to explore further.  You should be comfortable enough with the medium to troubleshoot any possible problems students might have.  Students may want more information beyond the constraints of the class, so good teachers should have a good amount of experience.

How should I prepare a class description?

Great classes include context of the medium or practice (so a little history lesson is always welcome!).  Tools students will learn to use, supplies they will be able to choose from,  and skills they will learn should be clearly described.  Sizes (if applicable) of materials should be included.  Basically, set yourself up with an honest and straightforward descriptipon to avoid someone feeling mis-led.  Photographs of examples should show the exact project that will be made during class.  Include information about yourself as an artist, and your experience with the particular subject or medium.


Make Room is happy to have a space with enough flexibility to share! 

If you'd like to teach every once in a while (less than once per month), Make Room tickets your event for you, claims a portion, and pays you the remainder via check 3 business days after the event.  You are responsible for the cost of the supplies if applicable.

Teachers with at least 1 event per month at Make Room are considered Creative Partners.  These teachers will be paid through the website via direct deposit as individual ticket sales come in.  This helps with budgeting for supplies beforehand, but also carries the responsibility of issuing refunds to your students in case you are unable to teach.

Make Room is your host, not your employer.  You are considered self-employed, and are responsible for filing taxes with the state for the income you generate in ticket sales when you make $500 or more per year.  In turn, teachers pay Make Room within 3 business days after the event. .

Rates for occasional teachers are $100 per event, or $75 per event for Creative Partners (at least one per month), or a steeply discounted $250 per month for 4 events in the same month for Creative Residents.  Payments are due on the day of the event, or at the beginning of the month in one sum. 

This keeps our space running, and covers the following:

-Use of our beautiful space, furniture, and select tools 

-Sample Image Photography and Editing

-Event Creation through our website www.makeroomfargo.com

-Facebook Event Creation and Promotion

-Inclusion in our quarterly flyer

-Ticketing and direct deposit through Stripe and an updated head count one week prior, 2 days prior, and 1 day prior to the event

-Instagram Posts highlighting the event

-Newsletter mentions to our 500+ mailing list with "Get Tickets" link

-Push to local media including area calendars, High Plains Reader, and occasionally local TV news stations

-Optional:  Staff to be present if needed or for events taking place after store hours


Please give Make Room staff one week to review event proposals.

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Creative partners are asked to show up one hour prior to their students, if setup is required.
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Creative partners will have the space for an additional 30 minutes in order to pack up and clean
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