Watercolor for Beginners Series: 4 Tuesdays in June: 6:00pm


Watercolor for Beginners Series: 4 Tuesdays in June: 6:00pm


This 4-part series takes place on Tuesdays in June at our West Acres studio. Price includes admission to all four sessions and all material costs.

Watercolor painting is a great way to tap into your inner artist and practice trusting your instincts, letting go of judgements, and living in the moment. Watercolor is all about being fluid; it refuses to be controlled, but works well with others when one is in the right mindset. Beginners and experts alike find this medium to be relaxing and rewarding.

Students in this series will explore watercolor painting starting with the basics! Our studies will be non-objective in nature (abstract), focusing on color and brushstrokes, becoming familiar with the eb and flow of the this enticing and unpredictable medium.

  • Class One- Tuesday June 5th: WATER

    • It’s called WATERcolor for a reason. Water is the most important element. Wherever the water is, the color will follow. This first session will be all about water and how we can work with it to achieve limitless results.

  • Class Two- Tuesday June 12th: COLOR

    • The other part of the two part equation! Confidence in your color wheel will help elevate your work from “straight from the tube” colors to dynamic hues that you are able to create on a whim.

  • Class Three- Tuesday June 19th: CONFIDENT BRUSH STROKES

    • Using our knowledge of WATER and COLOR, we’ll begin to explore different ways to apply water and color to the paper. A variety of brushes will be introduced, as well as techniques to create a variety of effects to resist and attract color.

  • Class Four- Tuesday June 26th: PAINTING BIG

    • Wrapping it all up, we’ll take out the BIG paper and create our own abstract compositions using all of our newfound skills. Students will leave with several completed works from the series.

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